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Classes & Workshops

Workshops and classes are available by scheduled calendar dates so keep an eye out for courses and times.

Ceramic classes cover a wide range of techniques, form and decorative methods. The classes are of a set number of sessions and will be focused around a theme of making, and a series of techniques.

Classes and workshops are advertised as beginner intermediate or advanced where appropriate. All classes are taught within a comprehensive course structure, which allows both the more experienced and the beginner to achieve a satisfying final result from a series of projects. Demonstrating methods of construction, design, decoration and glazing.

The classes are taught with a focus on delivering technique and developing individual creativity.

Details of each course will be posted on the booking page and listed on our website

Throwing Classes:
Classes cover a broad range of forms and throwing techniques using the potters wheel, with guided tuition through progressive stages of throwing, turning, surface and glaze design.
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Hand Building Classes:
Classes cover hand building methods for creating a wide range of forms alongside a great range and variety of techniques for surface design.
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Ceramics and print
A beginner’s introduction into Ceramics and Print
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Slip casting
A workshop in slip casting assembly, approaches and techniques. In these workshops we will cover the use of materials, casting, construction of forms and methods of decoration.
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Plaster mould construction
Looking at the construction of various mould types for items of varied shapes and sizes.
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Classes are inclusive of materials and firings (except in the case of specialist materials or pieces of a considerably larger size)

Courses are subject to availability for more info please contact