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Initial application form for Gold Studio Membership

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Maze Studios, a studio for creative development.

Mission statement

‘We are a community interest company for aiding the facilitation of artist development as a stepping stone between formal training and personal artistic progression towards artist independence’

Our aim

Maze Studios CIC is established to cultivate and promote the progression of publicly accessible facilities and access to education in contemporary visual art, craft and design through the development of artistic knowledge and public participation.

Maze Studios is a stepping stone offering three main areas:
Day spaces
Studio space (development spaces)


It is important for us to meet artists, to show you around the space and to give a clear understanding of how the studio works.

We do not operate a waiting list but make a choice of artist applications based on artistic direction and varied levels of experience to benefit the overall balance of artists at the studios.

Studio Fee

£150 monthly with a one month's deposit (returnable)
Keys and key card deposit of £20 (returnable)

Two months written notice is required for ending a studio licence.

Studio payments includes: Water, heating, and electricity.
Firing costs are additional according to use.
Free internet access is available.

Your allocated space.

Additional shelving space on one of the storage stands.
A space in the glaze room for raw glaze materials.
A maximum two clay reclaim containers for back yard storage.

Additionally, you also have access to the communal workshop areas and facilities that are allocated for the temporary stages of work e.g., central table spaces, shelving for work to be fired and use of studio equipment.

One of our objectives as a studio is to create access to equipment as a bridge between formal training and professionalism.

Our studio space size is similar to what you might expect from those provided by University or colleges as a space for learning and the experimental stage of artistic development.

A Creative Space

  • A creative environment - A space that is alive with creativity.
  • Bath Potters run - A monthly collection from Bath Potters supplies of tools and materials is a convenient way of accessing materials and equipment for our full-time artists.
  • Learning about and developing essential studio practice - Through inductions independent use of the space can be achieved and a greater knowledge of ceramic practice.
  • Creative interaction between artists - A space of sharing creative knowledge.
  • Encouragement for progression towards artist independence - Through self-directed experience and knowledge building artists can be encouraged towards identifying and achieving their next step.


  • 10 electric kilns
  • 2 Gas fired Raku kilns
  • 5 electric throwing wheels
  • Clay recycling facilities
  • Large clay slab roller
  • Clay extruders
  • Dedicated raw material & glaze prep room incl spray booth & material storage area
  • 2 x Air compressors Glaze application and plaster work
  • Glaze mixers
  • Plaster work area
  • 2 x 3phase Union Graduate Plaster Lathes
  • Dremil and bench grinder.
  • Plaster whirler
  • Drying cupboard
  • Large communal workspace and additional workspaces
  • Kitchen coffee/tea/eating area
  • 3-phase electricity supply
  • Loading bay at front of building for heavy/large items
  • Off-road car parking at the studios + disabled access ramp
  • Toilets
  • Internet


Inductions are given to create independent use of the space.
Although Maze Studios staff/management are regularly present but are not on hand as tutors, the correct and safe use of the facilities are of upmost importance and we are more than happy to help with queries about the use of the space and assist with guidance in gaining appropriate knowledge.
Some of the workshop areas must have inductions given before their use. Kilns, Lathes, air compressors, bench grinders and dremils necessitate a mandatory health and safety inductions by a Maze Studios member of staff before they are able to be used. This is necessary even with prior knowledge of their use.

Studio spaces are for independent use.
Artists are responsible for looking after their work within the studios and for maintaining a safe and clean work environment.

There are up to thirty-two artists working on the premises and it is great to see and encourage artistic interaction and artistic collaboration, this interaction can be a great learning experience in itself being surrounded by creativity.

Kilns and firings

Maze Studios has a range of top and front-loading kilns, varying in size which makes work of differing sizes possible. As well as the studios new kins the studio maintains a good standard of second-hand kilns with kilns coming from colleges and universities that no longer have the ability to host ceramic facilities.

This factors as a reason the studios are not geared to facilitate businesses or a level of professionalism that requires, financial dependence or a need for greater consistency in the accuracy of firings for the selling of work. Personal investment in a new kiln will benefit the eventual work of artists moving on to professional careers.

Maze Studios places importance on the equality of the allocated use of space and its facilities. In order to maintain an equal use of the facilities there is a firing allowance/limit for each artists within each eight-week period. This firing limit provides a substantial amount of firings per artist.

Firings can be arranged by kiln load or as a percentage of kiln space.
Artists that have not had a kiln induction are able to have work fired by placing items on the shelves for the most common Earthenware and Stoneware bisque and glaze firings.
There are weekly firings, Mondays and Thursdays, Maze Studios management will fire work for artists from these shelves.

Artist development

The studios are in encouragement of progression and artist development as well as acknowledging the benefits of creativity.
The focus of our space is to enable steps towards this.
As we have many artists, we do not have the facilities to incorporate businesses.
In order to manage artist growth, we have created the following studio format, as it would not be beneficial for artists to form a long-term reliance on the facilities in heading towards a successful business, to find they are then limited by the studios abilities to facilitate a greater level of productivity and professionalism.

Maze Studios is not able to support artists that are already in the process of product making or have already identified a product range and are looking to create, repeat produce for the purpose of selling.
In progression we are however happy for work that is made to be sold as this is a beneficial part of artistic development and experience.
Our aim is to facilitate the steps towards professionalism and knowledge towards an eventual step of studio independence. Helping artists develop and identify how they can achieve and support future growth is a beneficial part of artist time at the studios.

Maze Studios is able to align with its directives as a CIC in providing access to equipment and facilities to those at the early stages of development. With artists aware of this studios incentive, there is encouragement then for those that have made progression to seek alternative means of supporting greater productivity levels and in turn frees up space for those entering the development process.

A key aspect of having a studio space at Maze is the creation of a portfolio for viable and personalised future options that can be acted on as you gain momentum and experience an increase of success within your practice.

Artist progression develops at varying rates. There is encouragement for the development of practice although it is not laboured. There are two studio reviews arranged to keep contact about aspirations and the use of the space. The first will be towards the start of your licence and the second at a later date.
Artists have a monthly licence which they typically continue use of anything from three months up to a year to enable artists to gain experience and to benefit from learning new skills and ideas. The availability of the length of licences varies depending on the needs of the individual and in harmony with Maze Studios discretion

Your studio licence can be looked at as a great way to focus and dedicate a greater time to the exploration and investigation into your artistic practice. Identifying areas of interest developing methods, techniques and style.

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